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Agro Indo Jaya Sentosa

About Us

Our company is a leading supplier of agricultural products from Indonesia, as one of the largest agricultural product producing countries in the world, our company is a global agricultural product trader that can be trusted and relied on. We are a professional company that is able to supply agricultural products such as ginger, green beans, Moringa leaves and banana leaves in large quantities continuously with the best quality for export.

With the increasing demand for domestic and foreign agricultural products, Agro Indo Jaya Sentosa strives to provide the best quality Indonesian agricultural products at competitive prices and ongoing development of sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices.

The protection of local farmer is also crucial part of our success. Creating a safe and healthy environment is imperative to taking care of our local team and improving their own well-being and quality of life. Building this trust is key to our success, not only with our team of farmer but also with our business partners, employee, and customers.


Indonesia and Agroindo Jaya Sentosa are large companies known worldwide for supplying
agricultural products of the best quality


1. Build a good agricultural ecosystem and make Indonesia a future food source country
2. Providing the best quality of Indonesian agricultural products so that they are known
3. Serve customer requests so that the requested needs are appropriate


We are actively involved in improving the communities in which we operate through our extensive Corporate Social Responsibility programs.


We believe in creating win-win partnership so we closely work with our suppliers, buyers, and authorities to ensure mutually beneficial growth and success for everyone


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